Elektrik im Tiny House

mobile electric solutions

Ein individuelles Elektrik – Konzept für dein Tiny House? Autark leben? Wir sind dein Ansprechpartner bei allen Fragen der mobilen Stromversorgung im Tiny House, Mini Haus, Tiny Home oder Modulhaus. Mit modernen LiFePo4 Lithium Batterien, smarter Ladetechnik und Solarmodulen mit extrem hohem Wirkungsgrad machen wir autarkes Wohnen möglich.

About us

authentic. flexible. individual.    

We from VANtronic have been since our foundation in 2020 in the electrical engineering special emphasis on the quality ofof our work, so that the satisfaction of our customers can be ensured. We organize our work flexibly and individually according to the needs and wishes of our clients. clients. In doing so, we draw on many years of experience in electrical engineering of erenewable energies. Therefore we advise especially on solar installations or possibilities of self-sufficiency.

Consulting & needs analysis

Solar systems, photovoltaics & power generation

230V installation & inverter

VDE measurement & test report

Lithium, AGM, Gel & Batteries

Charging electronics

Installation support

LTE / WLAN, Antennas, hotspots & Internet

Alarm systems & Security

Lightbar & Lighting

Windows, skylights & Ventilation

Parking heater & hot water

Customer opinions

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